Please Listen with Headphones if Possible.

I created this short 7 minute guided relaxation/meditation to move you from stress and anxiety to a place that feels much better. It designed to move your brainwaves to the Alpha brainwave state which will induce feelings of peace, calmness and euphoria. I have embedded a frequency of 639 Hz which activates the heart center enabling you to move back into a place of balance and well-being. Enjoy the ocean waves playing lightly in the background. This meditation is designed to be used with headphones but still works good without them.

In this video we go over 396 Hz and how it correlates to the root chakra. When this Chakra is in balance we feel secure, confident, energetic, humble and our self-esteem is positive. When it is out of balance we often suffer from the opposite of all that I just listed. I have discovered that using these tones really helps in balancing our energetic system and have seen great results working with people one on one and through my meditations. 

The Starfish Meditation

I had the privilege of working the fabulous Lilly W. Rodriguez of DIY: KISS at DiySoulAndSass.com to create this Unique guided Meditation/Visualization that DIY: KISS gave as a bonus to the participants of a workshop that they had put on.

When Lilly first approached me about working on this project I was exited! I loved the concept of the Starfish and immediately went to the keyboard and started composing this melody. The base melody almost instantly came to me and it was in piano key of G major. When Lilly sent me the voice track and I began the editing process of cleaning and enhancing the voice, removing background noise and mastering, I felt inspired to try the melody on nylon guitar. And It just fit perfect!

Listen and you will also hear Symphony Strings, Choir, and Synth Pad. I also added a light rain shower, soft thunder and gentle ocean waves. Embedded is a heartbeat at 45 Bpm (beats per minute), the composition is at 90 Bpm. I gave bi-lateral movement to the composition, (the music moves around the head) at 45 cycles per minute and lastly I added a breathing pattern at 12 cycles a minute that subtly blends with the ocean waves. This creates a nice balance allowing the listener to ease in to a high Alpha Brainwave state that fosters creativity and confidence.

All of this to enhance the message and intention of the meditation. The music is created with love to be the foundation for the meditation as the listener will become immersed in the experience of the message delivered by the speaker. Below is a sample of the ending of The Starfish Meditation.


My 12th Dimensional Shield

Doing the musical composition and voice work of this meditation for Alain Deguire “Alayana” was a beautiful experience. The voice track was sent to me via email, it was recorded with the voice recorder on his smart phone (as do many of my clients). I removed all background noise, cleaned up the breath and mouth sounds, corrected miscues and leveled the voice volume. I ran his voice through a 20 band EQ, added a small delay and gave it a “Warm Concert Hall” Feel in Mastering.

The musical composition is multi-layered. There is an underlying heart beat set at 60 BPM and I used subtle “Pink Noise” (like white noise but softer) tuned to 852 HZ to aid in activating the “third eye Chakra”. I also incorporated Soft Flute and several different pads and effects. I gave it a heavy bi-lateral sequence. As I composed the musical score for this meditation my objective was highlight the beauty in Alain’s voice with out distracting from it and for the music to be a catalyst in the listeners trance experience.

This is a Mantra Meditation Based on the principles of “Loving Kindness”.

I tune all instruments to 432hz and I play and record live to uphold the intention of the meditation. Two solfeggio carrier frequencies are embedded, live recorded tuning forks, to activate certain energetic systems in the physical body. The first is 639hz corresponding to the heart chakra and the second is 852hz corresponding to the pineal gland, third eye, center. It also has a very mild binaural beat of 7.5hz embedded to help access a low alpha/ high theta brainwave state. The ocean was recorded while doing yoga In South Padre Island with my daughters. This mediation is designed to be used with headphones, although good speakers will work as well. It is my wish that we all cultivate and experience a life of Loving Kindness.

Enjoy a quick journey into a Magical Thunderstorm.

A short journey through a magical, tropical, thunderstorm. Played in 432 HZ with 852 HZ Solfeggio tones in the background.