Jason’s Testimonials

A big thank you to all whom I have had the pleasure of working with. Whether it has been as a coach and hypnotherapist helping you to reach your goals and desires, or as a producer doing production work for you, a big hug and lots of love to you. May all your dreams come true!


Jason is a very intuitive and spectacular coach that brought my issues; I was unaware of, to light. He guided me through a brainstorming exercise and helped me make a game plan to walk through the issues to bring my goals to fruition. Jason goes above and beyond the norm as he provides meditations that are phenomenal and extra care as needed. I highly recommend Jason as your coach; you will be astonished at your growth.

-Sharon Beck

Jason took my ideas and made them come to life through music. I had no idea that a simple recorded voice audio for my clients could become a masterpiece! The feedback I received from the reflection audio was filled with rave reviews and my clients now use it as a part of their daily lives. I am so grateful for Jason’s ability to really hear what I was looking for and making it come to life in ways that I never thought possible! I will be using Jason’s services for all my reflection audios!

-Kristy-Lea Tritz  


Jason Richardson and myself never had a chance to meet personally so far. We got to connect because we both are Graduates from the QSCA – Quantum Success Coaching Academy – as Law of Attraction Life Coaches. We have been meeting on Skype every week, and been working together for more than two years now. From this wonderful experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone.

Jason loves people and loves to be of service. He would do everything in his power to satisfy your needs and desires. He is ready to devote all of the necessary work to obtain the expected results. He is a very creative being who fully enjoys to make his inspirations and talents – musical talents included – at work to achieve amazing and very Unique Creations / Compositions that are much in vibrational alignment with you and very supportive of your personal goals.

Work with Jason for your musical ideas and needs… Satisfaction Guaranteed! I know as I was Blessed myself many times – Jason and his multiple talents contributed in making my own creations so much better.

Jason ended up being an Amazing Friend, a Soul Brother and a Powerful Co-Creator. Thank You Jason – You are so very much Appreciated and Loved.

Alayana / Alain Deguire

 I’m in awe of Jason’s talent.. not only are these beautiful and powerful, you can feel his spirit that went into his creations! I’m so honored to know this amazing man! Thank You Jason for your gift to this world!


Jason’s Work blows me away!! His meditations combined with healing frequencies, tones, tuning forks and of course his custom music helps me remain balanced and energized. I share his meditations with my clients as well because they are that good. I have learned so much from him about energy and alignment using different frequencies. His work is original, authentic and soulful. I have so much respect for him and the gifts he brings to the world

…Namaste, Susan Bradley-Boartfield

Listening ~~~~~ My Soul is Soaring, Jason Richardson. Thank you for ALLOWING Source to create through you, Thank you for all you do to share with the world. 

Namaste,  Ardath Michael