Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is hypnosis safe, I am worried that I will not be in control?

There absolutely is no surrender of or loss of mind or control in the trance state. A person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized. Nor can a person be induced to say or do anything which violates their personal standards of behavior or integrity.  The person reacts only to suggestions that resonate with and that are in alignment with the changes that they wish to make.

What is the best way to record my voice tracks, or meditations?

A high quality microphone and recording software on your computer works great as well as the voice recorded on most smartphones. I recommend recording in a quiet environment, centering and grounding through some form of meditation before you begin. When you are finished email the Mp3 and notations to

What If I make a mistake? Should I start over?

Don’t worry about it. If you make a mistake while recording just say “cut”  and start over at the point that makes the most sense to you, it does not have to be at the beginning and you can also do the meditation in multiple takes using multiple files. I will fix all mistakes and miscues in editing. I would appreciate it if you would make a notation of any mistakes and such and send them in with Mp3.

Do I own all rights to my meditations?

Of course, unless we have a prior written agreement such as a joint venture or some other form of agreement, the meditations are yours to do whatever you wish with. All I ask for is musical composition credit.