432 HZ

432 HZ

Everything in the Universe is essentially a vibration. The higher the vibrational frequency the less dense the object: the lower the vibrational frequency the denser the object. Basic chemistry… that also happens to be one of the primary Laws of the Universe.

“It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment.” – Abraham Hicks

Frequencies directly affect frequencies. Cymatics proves that. When a sound frequency moves through a medium such as water, sand or air, the vibration of the matter will be altered. That’s why accepting “Pure Tone Frequency” is one of the most powerful, and important things you can do for your state of being.

When a 432Hz frequency passes through water, a beautiful mandala is formed. The frequency of 432Hz is commonly associated with the ability to create an environment of peace, love, and overall well-being. When a frequency of 440Hz passes through water, no true pattern will appear. Instead the water crystals will form chaotic shapes and forms.

432 Hertz is the “jack-pot” of vibrational sound frequencies. This frequency aligns with your chakra system, and correlates with the color spectrum. By aligning with the major energy systems in our body, 432Hz will naturally bring you to a positive vibration. It is also known to be a healing vibrational frequency when used concisely.  When music is played at 432 Hz one will frequently experience sensation inside the body, typically an expansion of the heart that surges through the spine. 432Hz aligns with macrocosm, or the universe, and microcosms, every innate facet contributing to all that is; the Universe.  It is no wonder any music played in 432Hz will project a sense of calming energy and inner serenity.

Music played at a 440Hz frequency is more outward driven, and affects your mind more than your heart. 432Hz aids in allowing a natural harmonic state, this allows the energetic centers in the body to become active and vibrate in harmony.

Music played at a 432Hz frequency will make one more relaxed and allow the flowing of positive energy. It will put you in a receptive state and allow you to be aligned with that which you would like to create.


To obtain optimal results from your meditation practice, enjoy music played at a 432Hz frequency. This really helps to ensure you are completely open to receiving, and aligned with the vibration that you desire to expand upon.

This is why we compose each meditation in 432Hz. To provide the best possible meditation experience for you. It is our mission to deliver the best possible atmosphere for expansion, compassion, and creation. In order to receive the best results from any meditative experience set your vibration to the purest possible frequency. Remember, we insure that in each one of our meditations we will create the most powerful, beautiful and expansive experience for you to do so.